Brawl In The Burgh Hall

Brawl in the Burgh Hall 2

Brawl in the Burgh Hall 2 – Results

SK Boxing Promotions would like to thank everyone involved in last nights event.

FIGHT 1 – Horn Won Points
“Rampage” Ricky Jackson (Kirkintilloch) v Ryan “Horney” Horn (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 2 – Exhibition
Taz “The Pious One” Irshad (SK Boxing Promotions) v Ross “Real Deal” Walker (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 3 – Murray Won Points
Will “Lightening” Cairns (Murry Camp, Urmston) v Gary “The Mint” Murray (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 4 – McArthur Won via TKO Round 2
Martin Anderson (Kirkintilloch) v “Slick” Scott McArthur (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 5 – Irwin Won via KO Round 2
“Sledgehammer” Stu Irwin (Carlisle) v Stevie “The Spartan” Clark (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 6 – Saleem Won via TKO Round 1
Jackhammer (Fighters Gym, Manchester) v Kaseem “The Mean” Saleem (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 7 – Reston Won via KO Round 1
Tam “The Machine” Murphy (Highlanders Gym) v Jamie “The Rascal” Reston (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 8 – Kerr Won Points
James “The Hitman” Higgy (Murry Camp, Urmston) v “Magic” Marc Kerr (SK Boxing Promotions)

FIGHT 9 – Bozz Won Points
Dave “The Boss” Bozz (Fighters Gym, Manchester) v Gavin “The Guillotine” Stevenson (SK Boxing Promotions)


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