Fortune Favours The Bold

Fortune Favours The Bold – Results

Sponsored by Tantrum

Thanks to all involved in running the Fortune Favours the Bold event at the Crowne Plaza last night and to all of the guests who attended. There are too many people to thank on an individual basis but a special thanks has to go to Gary Jacobs for his participation in the event. As it takes two to tango thanks should also go to his opponent Craig Millard. Their contest and the event as a whole raised a fantastic amount for charity – the final amount will be confirmed when the donations are made to the Beatson Cancer Centre and Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.

Bout 1: Light-Middleweight Contest

RED – “Lights Out” Lee Anderson (Glasgow Fitness Gym)

BLUE – Hassan “The Afghan Annihilator” Safi (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

Safi Won – Points

Bout 2: Super-Middleweight 4 Man Tournament Semi-Final 1

RED – Paul “The Punisher” Duffy (Glasgow Fitness Gym)

BLUE – “Magic” Marc Kerr (SK Boxing Promotions)

Kerr Won – TKO Round 2

Bout 3: Super-Middleweight 4 Man Tournament Semi-Final 2

RED – Pete “Black Mamba” Salami (Wales)

BLUE – “Super” Stevie White (Uddingston)

Salami Won – Points

Bout 4: Light-Middleweight Contest

RED – Chrisy “The Bull” Bennett (Newcastle)

BLUE – “Slick” Scott McArthur (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)


Bout 5: Light-Welterweight Contest

RED – John “Jawbreaker” Hawthorn (Felling Warriors, Newcastle)

BLUE – Thomas “The Assassin” Graham (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

Graham Won – Points

Bout 6: Light-Middleweight Contest

RED – Billy “Too Sharp” Snaith (Newcastle)

BLUE – Gavin “The Guillotine” Stevenson (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

Snaith Won – Points

Bout 7: Light-Heavyweight Contest

RED – Asad “The Conqueror” Khan (Glasgow Fitness Gym)

BLUE – “Iron” Ibby Qureshi (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

Qureshi Won – Points

Bout 8: Super-Middleweight Contest

RED – “King” Kyle Walker (Southport)

BLUE – Ross “Buster” McIntosh (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

McIntosh Won – Points

Bout 9: Light-Welterweight Contest

RED – Shane “Boom Boom” Bowmer (Newcastle)

BLUE – “Dangerous” David Kelly (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

Kelly Won – TKO Round 1

Bout 10: Charity Exhibition Contest

RED – Craig “The Craftsman” Millard (Edinburgh)

BLUE – Gary “The Kid” Jacobs (Glasgow)

Jacobs Won – Points

Bout 11: Super-Middleweight Contest

RED – Paul “The Punisher” Bainbridge (Glasgow Fitness Gym)

BLUE – Rory “Bomber” Brown (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

Bainbridge Won – Points

Bout 12: Super-Middleweight 4 Man Tournament Final

RED – Pete “Black Mamba” Salami (Wales)

BLUE – “Magic” Marc Kerr (SK Boxing Promotions)

Kerr Won – Points

Bout 13: BBU British Heavyweight Title Fight

RED – Mark “The Warrior” Greener (Felling Warriors, Newcastle)

BLUE – John “Cruel Intentions” Stevens (SK Boxing Promotions, Glasgow)

Stevens Won – Points




The event was also filmed for STV and Sky Sports Ringside – more details including links to these will be posted soon!