Rumble In Renfrew 3

Rumble In Renfrew 3 Results – Sponsored by Tantrum Tan

Rumble in Renfrew 3, Normady Hotel, Renfrew, Glasgow, Scotland

On Saturday 10th November 2012 the Normandy Hotel hosted one of SK Boxing Promotions’ most exciting events of the year – the Rumble In Renfrew 3. Scottish boxers from the SK Boxing Promotions Fight Team, Glasgow Fitness Gym and D-Unit Gym in Dumbarton took on opposition from all over England.

Highlights of the night included a toe-to-toe war between Martin “The Tank” Green of SK Boxing Promotions and “Lightening” Lee Vick of the Furness Fight Factory in Cumbria at Welterweight – which Green won on points, and John “Cruel Intentions” Stevens’ 3rd round stoppage of big-punching Stuart “Raging Bull” Irwin of Team Nemesis in Maryport. Stevens’ win saw his unbeaten record extended to 16 wins and also won him the accolade of Boxer of the Night.

In the main event of the evening ex-professional Gary “The Scotstoun Scrapper” Porter (now representing SK Boxing Promotions) made a successful return to the ring with a points win over a very awkward opponent in the form of “Golden Boy” Gary Price of the Furness Fight Factory in Cumbria. Southpaw Porter controlled the first two rounds but Price battled back in the final round – landing with some telling punches at the end of an excellent contest.

Full results are set out below, along with links to videos of the fights:

Bout 1: Light-Middleweight Contest

“Razor” Ronnie Stephen (SK Boxing Promotions) won (points) v James “Cotter” Clarke (Impact Gym, Holytown)

Bout 2: Middleweight Contest

Adam “The Axe” Stewart (Aberfeldy) won (points) v Asad “The Conqueror” Mohammed (Glasgow Fitness Gym)

Bout 3: Welterweight Contest

Martin “The Tank” Green (SK Boxing Promotions) won (points) v “Lightening” Lee Vick (Furness Fight Factory, Cumbria)

Bout 4: Super-Featherweight Contest

Gavin “The Animal” Whitehall (D-Unit) won (points) v Jordan “The Cobra” Cummings (New Blood Martial Arts, Carlisle)

Bout 5: Light-Welterweight Contest

Danny “DFC” Chau (SK Boxing Promotions) won (points) v Jordan “Wonder Boy” Watson (Furness Fight Factory, Cumbria)

Bout 6: BBU British Super-Middleweight Title Contest

“Magic” Marc Kerr (SK Boxing Promotions) won (TKO 1) v Matty “No Fear” Sword (New Blood Martial Arts, Carlisle)

Bout 7: BBU British Heavyweight Title Contest

John “Cruel Intentions” Stevens (SK Boxing Promotions) won (KO 3) v Stuart “Raging Bull” Irwin (Nemesis Boxing Club)

Bout 8: Welterweight Contest

“Mighty” Martin Nicolson (D-Unit) won (points) v Liam “The Rock” Mackie (Aberfeldy)

Bout 9: Welterweight Contest

Gary “The Mint” Murray (SK Boxing Promotions) won (points) v Wilter “The Assassin” Richardson (Nemesis Boxing Club)

Bout 10: Light-Welterweight Contest

“Dangerous” David Kelly (SK Boxing Promotions) won (TKO 2) v “King” Martin Kellett (Furness Fight Factory, Cumbria)

Bout 11: Welterweight Contest

John “The Destroyer” Devlin (Glasgow Fitness Gym) won (TKO 2) v Jason “The Fighter” Foster (New Blood Martial Arts, Carlisle)

Bout 12: Super-Middleweight Contest

Gary “The Scotstoun Scrapper” Porter (SK Boxing Promotions) won (points) v “Golden Boy” Gary Price (Furness Fight Factory, Cumbria)

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