Scotland v London

Scotland v London – The Results (Sponsored by Tantrum)

Scotland v London Boxing event at the Crowne Plaza, Glasgow 2013

Marc Kerr KO Punch

A selection of boxers from across Scotland took on a team of London counterparts on Saturday with a total of 11 bouts watched by over 550 spectators at the Crowne Hotel, Glasgow.

Southpaw boxer Rory “Bomber” Brown of SK Boxing Promotions took on Danny ‘New Blood’ Attard of New Blood Martial Arts, Carlise in the first bout of the night. After a frenetic contest, marked by a flurry of punches from both fighters, the fight went the distance and Brown took his first win with a decision on points.

Perth’s Chris ‘The Executioner’ Hilton started this Middleweight contest against Ed ‘The Enigma’ Eno strongly, pushing his opponent to the ropes and working well behind combinations to both head and body. Hilton continued to press the action throughout but a clash of styles prevented this match-up from really igniting. Hilton’s higher work rate secured a points victory.

In this Light-Welterweight contest Newcastle’s ‘King’ Kyle Patter was not deterred by boxing away from home as he started quickly and dropped Thomas ‘The Assassin’ Graham for an eight count in the opening round. Graham recuperated during the rest period at the end of the first round and won the next two rounds to secure a draw. This well matched contest will make for a very interesting rematch at a later date.

IT consultant Mitch Duffus of the London Boxing Club went up against the Polish fighter from Glasgow, renowned for his aggressive, powerful style. In the first round Duffus knocked Kaluzny with a powerful jab but he responded with an aggressive flurry of punches. The Polish fighter threw several powerful overhead rights in the hopes of a big knock out but in the end, the judges declared the bout a draw.

Bout five was a high energy fight which saw Gary ‘The Mint’ Murray throwing relentless jabs to the face of Michael ‘The Disaster’ Clancy, resulting in a bloody nose by the end of round 1. Despite his injury, Clancy soldiered on, showcasing an impressive flurry of punches at the start of round three and losing only on points to his Scottish adversary.

David ‘Dangerous’ Kelly recorded an impressive win over Gavin ‘The Guvnor’ Forest who has his eyes set on a British Lonsdale belt in the future with a record of 4-0 and 3 wins by KO. The Drumchapel fighter immediately drummed up support from his home crowd upon entering the ring with the fight a rematch against Forest of Johnson’s Gym in Newcastle who stepped in at the last minute to replace Gary Dodds (also of Johnson’s Gym).

Aggressive work from Kelly in the first round saw Forest pushed on to his back foot and up against the ropes. The second round was more of the same, with Kelly pushing forward to an inevitable stoppage after 1 minute 3 seconds.

An army of supporters turned up for Ian Ritchie as he faced Brian ‘Bionic’ Warwick. Warwick opened the attack aggressively, pushing Ritchie onto his back foot. An impressive right hook from Ritchie in round one seemed to stun Warwick but he recovered quickly and retaliated with a barrage of hooks at the start of the second round. Both fighters seemed to tire in the third round but Ritchie, thriving on the massive support of his home crowd battled on to a victory on points after the third round.

Ross started the contest brightly in round one – controlling the action at long range and catching Freeman on the way in. Freeman worked the body effectively to take round two and leave the fight in the balance going into the final round. McIntosh started the round well but Freeman soon found his range and his higher work rate earned him a points win.

Bout nine saw a match up between two high energy fighters both known for their high work rate and aggression, James ‘The Jab’ Jensen and Martin ‘The Tank’ Green. A confident Green measured up his opponent at the start of the first round as Jensen came out swinging.

Green opened with a solid cross and continued to land calculated, punishing blows to the head and body of Jensen, who retaliated with vicious combinations of hooks to the head. The fight was stopped after 1 minute and 50 seconds of round 1 due to a cut above the left eye of Jensen to the disappointment of both boxers.

Originally from Edinburgh and now living in London, John Bryson said he hoped the crowd would get behind him and the man known as ‘The Bull’ steamed forward in the first round, pinning John ‘Cruel Intentions’ Stevens to the ropes and administering combinations of powerful hooks.

Stevens had a glint in his eye entering the second round, and began pummelling Bryson with body shots to the utter delight of a boisterous home crowd. A brawl ensued in the third round and the fight went the distance with John Stevens winning on points to retain an undefeated record and the title of BBU British Heavyweight Champion.

It was lights out for Mickey Nolan of New Blood Martial Arts Gym in Carlisle after just 1 min and 50 seconds of round 1 when Marc Kerr caught him with a slicing downward punch to the chin. Kerr had rained a flurry of punches down on Nolan from the moment the bell rang.

It was an impressive victory for the Glasgow based fighter who hopes to turn pro at the end of the year and has retained his BBU British Super Middleweight title. Nolan had earned his shot at Marc’s title by winning the BBU Northern Area title in late 2012. The fight won Kerr a joint ‘fight of the night’ accolade together with David ‘Dangerous’ Kelly.


Danny ‘New Blood’ Attard v Rory ‘Bomber’ Brown (Brown, Points)
Ed ‘The Enigma’ Eno v Chris ‘The Executioner’ Hilton (Hilton, Points)
‘King’ Kyle Patter v Thomas ‘The Assassin’ Graham (Draw)
Mitch ‘The Machine’ Duffus v Bartek ‘Polish Patrick’ Kaluzny (Draw)
Michael ‘The Master of Disaster’ Clancy v Gary ‘The Mint’ Murray (Murray, Points)
Gavin ‘The Guvnor’ Forest v ‘Dangerous’ David Kelly (Kelly, TKO)
Brian ‘Bionic’ Warwick v Ian ‘The Rock’ Ritchie (Ritchie, Points)
Kev ‘The KO Kid’ Freeman v Ross ‘Buster’ McIntosh (Freeman, Points)
James ‘The Jab’ Jensen v Martin ‘The Tank’ Green (Green, TKO – cut)
John ‘The Bull’ Bryson v John ‘Cruel Intentions’ Stevens (Stevens, Points)
‘Main Event’ Mickey Nolan v ‘Magic’ Marc Kerr (Kerr, KO)

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